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From humble beginnings, Bass & Flinders Distillery proudly celebrates 10 years of passion in pursuit of creating fine brandies on the Mornington Peninsula. 

Bass & Flinders’ distillation methods are firmly steeped in Charentaise tradition. Victorian Chardonnay - a quintessentially Australian grape variety is distilled into eau de vie, then matured exclusively in Taransaud French oak to produce distinctly Australian new world fine brandies. 

To celebrate 10 years of brandy, as the Mornington Peninsula’s first established distillery,

Bass & Flinders has travelled across the seas to collaborate with world-renowned French cognac house Normandin-Mercier, to bring you this world first French-Australian brandy collaborative blend. 

Head distiller Holly Klintworth first met Master Blender Edouard Normandin of Normandin-Mercier in 2017 where the two became friends over a shared passion for the patience and virtues of fine brandy craft, each having taken over operations of their family business from their fathers.

For the two distilleries, both seeking perfection through a shared ethos of producing low volume, high quality brandy that showcases character and sense of place in its purest form, this blend was a natural collaboration between two worlds and two families of brandy, where old world meets new.

This expression of a French Australian brandy-cognac blend represents a unique mélange of ideas, passion and eau de vie sourced from two corners of the world. A single release limited to 330 bottles captures this momentous time in Bass & Flinders’ on-going journey of creativity and exploration.

A barrel of Petite Champagne cognac was carefully selected for its floral fruity notes to blend with Australia’s own Bass & Flinders brandy. The floral qualities of the petite champagne, with the generous fruit, weight and texture of the chardonnay shine in this French-Australian blend.

This is an exceptional blend of 5 year aged brandies, representing the time and patience in Bass & Flinders Distillery’s pursuit of brandy excellence, choosing to hold their first release until it was ready.

The result is this stunning 10yr Anniversary Cuvée French-Australian blend of cognac and brandy beautifully presented that reflects an adventurous and collective journey, crafted to deliver the best of both worlds.

Tasting Notes:

Nose:  Orange blossom, vanilla, lightly toasted almonds, pear, apricot, floral notes

Palate: Pink lady apples and pear orchard fruits, almonds, vanilla, multi-layered with a subtle hint of nutmeg spice

Finish: smooth, clean, elegant, lingering vanillan fruits and floral notes 

Filled with the distinct aromas of orange blossom, lightly toasted almonds and apricot the Petite Champagne cognac adds new depth and floral aroma not found in Australian brandies. Australian chardonnay brandy brings power, structure and fruitiness, with hints of pear and pink lady apples on the palate. The resulting ultra-luxury brandy-cognac blend is multi-faceted, with layer after layer revealing itself. A clean, smooth, intricate depth of flavour where vanillan fruits and floral notes linger long after the first sip.

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